My mum invited us to visit the new butterfly house at the Palmengarten (Frankfurt's botanical garden), which was nice if a bit busy. But it was great to have lunch, an afternoon visit to the gardens, and tea with the family! (No family photos here for privacy, just the flowers and butterflies.)

The butterfly photos were all taken with the m.Zuiko 100-400mm/5.0-6.3 IS lens, which is great for that sort of thing – it can focus to as close as 1.3 m, which at 800mm equivalent focal length is near-macro scale, and being able to keep some distance between myself and the butterflies means they don't get scared and fly away, on my account anyway. (I would have loved to take some photographs of the big blue butterflies but these never sat down anywhere and were quite impossible to catch in flight.) For most of the flower pictures I used the m.Zuiko 12-100/4.0 IS PRO.

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