On 13 September 2019 I was invited to attend the Frankfurt Zoo's annual Tierpatentag (animal sponsors' day). This is where the zoo invites all animal sponsors (and their plus-ones) to a reception – presumably paid for out of the animal sponsors' contributions – and a free visit to the zoo. There was a speech by the zoo's director, and Ebbelwoi cider (or water, for the designated drivers) and pretzels, among other goodies.

Marie and I got to visit the penguins (which I'm sponsoring) again and also managed to look in on the hippos, rhinos and giraffes. We didn't have a lot of time and since the visit extended into the early evening it started to become quite dusky. I'm constantly amazed at the performance of the Olympus m.Zuiko Pro 12-100 f/4 with its superb stabilisation, which works great even indoors as long as the animals can be convinced to keep still long enough. Some of the pictures are a bit flat, contrast-wise; this is probably because they were shot through glass panes.

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