This year's Tierpatentag at Frankfurt Zoo took place on 11 September, and there was no lecture (no pretzels and cider, either) due to coronavirus restrictions. We did get to go to the zoo for free, though, and animal carers were available in various places around the area to explain about the various animals and answer questions. A nice afternoon out (even if we got there rather late, because work, and a traffic jam on the way to Frankfurt)!

Of course we had to go see the penguins –I'm a penguin sponsor, but there are 166 of those and much fewer penguins; by far the most popular animal to sponsor is apparently the meerkat, with over 500 sponsors. There were rather more penguins on display than there used to be, but that's not due to prolific egg-laying. Instead, the zoo is temporarily housing 20 penguins from the Mannheim zoo, where the penguin enclosure is being refurbished and enlarged. Good for them! We also visited some of our other favourite animals – the rhino, hippo, and giraffes among others –, and spent some time in the bird house.

The pictures in this album were taken mostly with the Olympus m.Zuiko 12-100mm/4 IS PRO and 75-300mm/4.8-6.7 lenses on the OM-D E-M5 II. I have the all-new m.Zuiko 100-400mm/5-6.3 IS on order but will probably have to go to the zoo again to put it through its paces once it arrives!

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